Well firstly, we are British gastropub set in the small village of Enon, Ohio. What is a gastropub you might ask? According to Oxford’s English Dictionary, a gastropub is a pub that specializes in serving high quality food – so essentially good food and drinks is our jam. We are a 49-seat restaurant (more seats with outdoor dining and beer garden), with a well-stocked bar. It’s our mission to bring great food, craft ale and more to our hometown and beyond.We do indeed hail all the way from England, so you’ll be getting the authentic experience! So have a mooch around our site for lots of interesting food, beers and more. We can’t wait to see you!


It’s where it all starts. We believe in simple food done well. We’ve got an obsessive commitment to high-quality food, and locally sourced when possible. Our food style is driven by clarity of flavor and influenced by British favorites and comforts, alongside European cuisine.

Take a look at our menu to get a feel for what we will be dishing up.


Growing up and living in England, having a pint at the local pub is part of our culture. Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with the rich experience of different beers and drinks, each fulfilling a unique niche and enjoying them in the company of all walks of life – it’s a truly rich and wholesome offering. At The Last Queen, we’ll have IPAs, pale ales, amber ales, stouts, single malt whiskeys, bourbons, lagers, wine, and more. We’ll be partnering with local breweries and offering some incredibly rare finds. We’re excited to share a fun drinking experience with you in the heart of a thriving, wonderful, and welcoming community. Looking forward to seeing you for a tipple or two.

Where to Park

You can find ample parking – either in front of the building, behind the building or we have an overflow parking lot (car park as they say in England) across the street and down one block at 103 E Main Street, next to Travis’ Barber Shop – only a 2 minute walk! As a side note, our building is attached to a house that has tenants.  To be considerate of our neighbors,  we would be grateful for parking to occur only in the spaces noted below.  Please refrain from parking in any spaces marked ‘Tenants Only’. Thank you!


We are lucky to support some of the very best local suppliers at The Last Queen. We love who we work with and have carefully selected each supplier so we can be 100% honest in the provenance of our ingredients, and be sure that what we are dishing up is the very best around. Take a look below if you want to support our network and shop local!

Grist Provisions

Dayton, Ohio
Famous for being intentional with their high-quality products, Grist Provisions makes out-of-this world desserts, breads and pastas. As their tiramisu is the best around, we thought ‘why mess with perfection?’. We hope you love it as much as we do.

The Hustead School House Farm Market

Springfield, Ohio

This family-owned and operated farm provides us with high-quality, all-natural, hormone/steroid and antibiotic-free angus beef, with a special beef-blend developed just for our burgers. You won’t find anything better. 

Blue Jacket Dairy

Bellefontaine, Ohio

The family operated dairy farm makes a variety of different handmade cheeses and provides us with the most delicious halloumi-style cheese. It is a semi-soft, buttery flavored, non-melting artisan cheese made from pasteurized whole cow’s milk. Mwah!

Davidson Family Growers

New Carisle, Ohio

Who thought lettuce could taste so good? Davidson Family Growers’ lettuce and produce is grown hydroponically inside a greenhouse, allowing for the feeding of plant roots directly with the water and nutrients they need. Can’t wait for you to try it.

Hartzler Family Dairy

Wooster, Ohio
Hartzler Family Dairy ensures their cows are grass-fed and pasture-raised, producing high-quality, gorgeous tasting milk that’s used to create phenomenal ice cream and cheeses for you to enjoy. Truly the best around.
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