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It’s where it all starts. We believe in simple food done well. We’ve got an obsessive commitment to high-quality food, and locally sourced when possible. Our food style is driven by clarity of flavor and influenced by British favorites and comforts, alongside European cuisine. 

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Growing up and living in England, having a pint at the local pub is part of our culture. Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with the rich experience of different beers and drinks, each fulfilling a unique niche and enjoying them in the company of all walks of life – it’s a truly rich and wholesome offering. At The Last Queen, we’ll have IPAs, pale ales, amber ales, stouts, single malt whiskeys, bourbons, lagers, wine and more. We’ll be partnering with local breweries and offering some incredible rare finds. We’re excited to share a fun drinking experience with you, and in the heart of a thriving, wonderful and welcoming community. Looking forward to seeing you for a tipple or two.

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